Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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Grocery shopping

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Market butcher

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These were the plastic bags at the floating paper shop we visited. (???)

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These were the plastic bags at the floating paper shop we visited. (???)

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Zdenek Kastanek, I made it and now am rewarded with a delicious Red Snapper!

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Arrived at tonight's hotel to find this at front door - one of those pairs is mine, reluctantly parted-with. When I gave her a sad look the manager told me condescendingly that it was local culture - yes, of corse, it's local culture in my parents' home as well. But they do not run a public establishment w strangers' dirty feet traipsing around it. Looking forward to my next pedicure and will need to tip exceedingly well.

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I wonder if these airlines belong to any alliances... Or if you can claim miles with boarding passes that don't have your name...

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So the Burmese eat you tiao! These tea shops leave baskets of them on the tables and you just pay for as many as you eat. I wonder how many strangers' fingers touched the one I ate...

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

These horse-drawn carriages move fast!

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This place. My god. #nofilter

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Today's guide has GREAT nails

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Buddha makes a good iphone stand

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