Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Departures lounge - this pic captures at least 2/3 of it. Directly in front of us through doors is tarmac. No stores, no food. Am not even going to test the bathroom.

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Side-saddle, on her phone

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For some reason foreign candy bars taste so much better

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So interesting: here they have raised bus stops.

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Street art/ads

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Local KFC copy?

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Drink stand: hot water and powdered drink mixes

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Not sure who he was, but he cheerfully told us what we drove an hour to see was closed. Traffic here can ruin your day.

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Never seen so many kids in helmets

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This kid

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Monday, September 29, 2014

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So much selling/performing at traffic lights. Reminds me of old NYC.

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Shrimp crisps are like bread here -yessssss

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Food carts everywhere

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Like most of SE Asia, this is a biker's city

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But the climb was worth it to see the crater!

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Now actually almost at the top

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Almost at the top, or so we thought

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Early morning view of our day's work

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Cutting tobacco on the mountain

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After-school huddle

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This is how locals dress for this hike. Kathleen and I did not get the memo. We thought we'd be comfortably strolling through flowers buying bottles of water and fried tofu along the way.

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Those are my dusty yoga pants, my dirty legs, my (once-cute hotel treadmill) sneakers filled w volcanic rock. Who have I become??

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Praying to Brahma

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Awesome footwear choice for gravelly, dusty stairs.

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Tobacco leaves drying. Beyond the (in)famous 2-yr-old, Indonesia has one of the largest smoker penetration in the world.

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Sitting on rice

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Tom managed to sleep through most of this. At least it kept him from complaining. Better than me at a "sports ball" match.

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Indonesian rose #yeswayrose

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Work it

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@elotrolado1, why were these sarongs forced on us? My dress was longer than them.

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Lunch. Awesome.

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