Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Things I have learned during my first 2 weeks in rural Arkansas:

Arkansas has "midget tossing" (I do not condone the term or the practice, that is just what was told to me - in fact, at little over 5 feet I probably qualify as a participant) and cage fighting. Neither of which I think I can conscionably do this weekend.

At work we have "lactating rooms" and "mothers' rooms." I'm not quite sure what is the difference between the two nor am I exactly clear on the intended purpose of either of them.

There is not a single female physician within 60 miles of me - I would need to drive all the way to Missouri to NOT get my annual check up from a man.

There are no dentists with obviously Jewish names within 60 miles of me in my provider network, and I'm not quite sure who else I can trust with my oral hygiene.

Organic fruit and vegetables are NOT abundant in Rogers, AR, despite the huge presence of abnormally wealthy rural inhabitants and local farms. "Organic beef on the hoof," however, is available direct from the cow field across the street from my apartment community.

There is no Club Monaco in this or any of the neighboring states - I am actually in a place that the middle market hasn't saturated yet. I didn't realize that was possible.

I have co-workers who still proudly display McCain/Palin bumper stickers on their cars - and one who said at orientation (IN PUBLIC) that she was from Alaska and was sad that Palin had resigned from state office.

I might have lactating, republican neighbors, and will certainly have to settle for being groped by a male doctor, but despite it all I've had a good time these last two weeks.

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