Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gourmet gas station

So since I moved here fellow immigrants have been telling me about this "gourmet gas station" where they apparently have specialty items. Needless to say I ignored them and privately mocked them.

But with an hour to kill today not far from the GGS I decided to give it a try. It turns out they were all right and I am, going forward, doing ALL my grocery shopping there. It looks like a gas station from the outside but on the inside it's like a miniature Dean & Deluca (I chose the comparison carefully - it's not as fab as a Fairway or as over-assorted as Whole Foods).

They don't carry anything organic (no surprise), but I did find and buy these essential staples:
  • blood sausage (imported from France, bien sur)
  • illy coffee
  • Fage yogurt
  • assorted spices/sauces by the likes of Barefoot Contessa, D&D, etc
  • my fave Rao's vodka tomato sauce
  • thai peppers
  • stinky goat cheese (unfortunately, no stinky camembert - too much to ask)
  • saucisson sec
They have many many more things which I wasn't able to buy because they would go bad, and it was hard to part with them. (Even knowing that I'll be back in only a few days.)

Out of the 9 people on line with me to pay only one other woman was taking advantage of the selection - the rest were there to buy cigarettes and looking a little confused.

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