Saturday, May 23, 2009

The s-word

On Memorial Day vacation with the kids at my country house and they are quite the riot when they're not whining. Ava (7) apparently has learned the "s-word," or at least she knows there is a word otherwise known as the "s-word" that she is not supposed to say - we're not clear whether she actually knows the word.

This got brought up in the car ride up here when we played a word game and were on the letter S, finding words that started with it. Her contribution was "the s-word, you know, the s-word."

Spencer (5) overheard all this and now anytime he hears something wrong or that he doesn't like he thinks it's "the s-word." Earlier he came in whining saying Ava was being mean to him and "had said the s-word: 'I don't want you out here.'"

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  1. omg so so cute. my niece is into the "boom boom pow" song which uses the 's-word' a ton, and i always give her a stern look at that part of the song, since she thinks singing is an excuse to use it. my nephew then spent the weekend asking me what word i didn't want her to say since i never actually said it. he obviously realllllly wanted to know so he could use it. they are so damn cute when they're tiny.