Monday, May 25, 2009

What's the matter with kids today?

The best part of coming to my country house is finding all my old books. Now that she can read, I thought Ava was finally old enough to start appreciating some of these fab classics and so I offered to read her Ballet Shoes last night to put her to bed. She lay there politely for the first few pages then tapped me to say: "I'm kind of bored."

So I left in a huff and put myself - very happily - to sleep with Ballet Shoes while the mega moths we have up here threw themselves onto my window screen (they sound like boulders when they hit).

Today I agreed to play with Ava and Spencer, doing something they did not think was boring, and ended up pretending pirates on our little inflatable boat. I don't remember Ava's name but Spencer was Red Thunder, Linda was Glitter Hook and I was Black Boots. Unsure whether the fun of this game was lost below or above me but I opted to help my mom strip furniture instead of continuing.

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