Monday, August 24, 2009

Fried Brown Oreos

It's taken me a while, but I am finally getting around to posting pics from the Tonitown Grape Festival - I don't know how you've all been able to wait this long.

According to its historians, Tontitown has a long and distinguished Italian heritage since a group of Italians moved to that particular corner of NW AR a long time ago and never left (not sure if any additional waves came to join them, but considering the location, it's unlikely).

So once a year they hold a grape festival (I don't get the correlation either, but everyone else takes it as obvious) where they serve tens of people plates of over-cooked pasta bolognese and fried chicken (actually a delicious combo) and grape-colored soft-serve ice cream. There was not, as hoped, any wine to be seen anywhere at the festival. But there were fried oreos, which were AMAZING.

There was also an arts and crafts festival which was more like the cheapo trail end of a NYC street fair, except that they sold Confederate bikinis. For reals.

That says "Try Taking This Down," in case its hard to read. Apparently accepted public opinion of the legacy of the South is still up for negotiation down here.

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