Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday night in the...

Last night I had my first NW Arkansas clubbing experience.

The experience started with me being late to pick up my friend Stephanie - not quite sure why I signed up to be the designated driver since I most definitely planned on drinking heavily. After about 3 minutes in my car she said: "are you a new driver?" She said it was because I was v serious about 10-and-2 and wouldn't break eye contact with the road for even a second, but she was just too nice to rehash the ignored stop sign and unnecessary swerving (the gravel on her road was freaking me out).

Dinner at Bordino's involved a few glasses of wine and a delicious bubblegum shot to accompany my now-routine wild boar sausage fettucine (still as good as the first time).

Post-dinner drinks at Theo's was a farce. The place was filled with girls of various shades of pale skin and blond hair in shoes they couldn't walk in (lots of clomping and small staggers) and uber-formal mini dresses. Seriously? In a college town that has the football team's pig mascot everywhere? Even the expensive jewelry store has a horrible (yet slightly more subdued) bronze hog in its window.

After a lot of yawning and some crew attrition Stephanie and I and a couple we had met (a v dorky guy and girl with Texas hair) finally swallowed our pride and paid the $5 cover to the only dance club on the main strip - Fix. It calls itself an "ultralounge." All snide-ness aside, though, it was kind of fun. The DJ was doing that annoying thing they all seem to do now which is play every song just long enough for you to recognize it and just short enough for you to be PISSED that it's over. But the songs were good for the most part, and once the couple left Stephanie and I had a pretty good time dancing.

Thankfully, the drive home was on mostly deserted roads, because I was up to a good 10 drinks by then and utterly exhausted because 2am is WAY past my usual 9pm bedtime. This morning has been a sorry story of ramen and Family Ties episodes, and now I have to buckle down and finish this presentation I promised my boss by this evening. SATURDAY evening - ugh.

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