Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sullen girl

In a matter of one month my kitten has gone from blissfully ignorant childhood to full blown teenager angst.

Everything I do now is "so unfAAAAAiiiiir." (That what I imagine her meows mean to say.) If I pull her off the stove top so she won't get burned while I cook: "meeeeAAAAAAAuuulw." If I make her come out of the closet after already having let her play with (aka ruin) my clothes while I get dressed: "meeeeAAAAAAAuuulw."

If I don't let her drink from my cup until after I'm finished: "meeeeAAAAAAAuuulw." Then she'll do something passive aggressive like hunch over the glass and pathetically lick the condensation on the outside of it while looking up at me pointedly.

Oh the memories... being a teenager really is: "meeeeAAAAAAAuuulw."

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