Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The LPGA tour was in Bentonville this weekend at the Pinnacle Hills Golf Club, so fittingly my first golf lesson was today after work. As expected, I am a natural.

My left arm refuses to stay straight, so while I think I look quite graceful while my club is in the air, it invariable ends up ramming into the top of the ball or the dirt with a less-than-graceful thud. And if I forget to keep my knees bent, slamming the club into the ground takes on an added dimension of pain that sears through my entire body. The teach told me to make sure to pick up my right heel as I go around so as to prevent soreness in my lower back - he has no idea how far down my list of concerns that is right now.

After a pleasantly raucous dinner with my golf girls, I am back at home with my kitty, who definitely felt the pain of loneliness more today since she's had a weekend of non-stop attention (from not just me but David's whole family). She just crawled around my neck twice as I sat here typing this.

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