Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lazy Thursday

Or at least I wish it were lazy. There are two funny things about being sick when you're an adult. And by funny I mean HAHAHHA HaHa.. ha... huh... = not so funny really.

  1. Everything aches - my chest, my head, my back, my stomach. Everything just hurts so much more because I am OLDER.
  2. While you can stay home from work, that does not mean you cannot work. Tuesday I was starting to look bad and everyone in my aisle including my boss told me a thousand times to go home. So when I emailed my boss Wed morning to say I wasn't coming in until my afternoon meetings so I could try and sleep the illness off he said: "Do not come in, stay home and get better." When he saw me arrive at 11am he gave me an exasperated look - until I said: "I left my computer here!" At which point the jig was up and he said: "Oh, ok. Yeah, take that home with you."
So it is clear that although I get to stay home and act like a bum in my unkempt hair and slippers, I am not actually taking a day off of work to get better. All I am doing is taking a day off of showering and wearing heels. But enough blogging - I need to get to my NPV calc. (Just like in b-school! Except that tomorrow they will decide whether or not to invest millions because of my *I hope* correct calculation!)

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