Monday, August 24, 2009

The great outdoors

There is a drive-through safari 20 minutes from my house (there's drive-through everything around here). So when the kids came to visit we took my shiny new car there to get crumbs and animal saliva all over it.

Turns out ostrich are surprisingly greedy over-eaters despite their slender legs. Once they saw we were handing out bread they wouldn't stop following us and sticking their nasty beaked heads into our windows or tapping against them if they were closed.

It's amazing how friendly and forward these wild animals become once they learn that there's dried hot dog buns in it for them. My boss made sure to remind me to bring bread because the first time he went he could only find Cheetos in his car for his son to give the animals and the camel's nose turned orange from eating out of the bag.

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