Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Countdown - 2 days left

Time is crawling forward, it's like Fri will never come. Many things to be sad about when leaving Chicago - David, Linda, the kids, Teresa, Maxbar's $1 drink Fridays - but I feel like I'm in limbo right now and just want to get out, wherever that might be. It'll be worse tomorrow after I've packed my bags and moved out of my apartment and have to wait out Thursday twiddling my thumbs. Hopefully my new camera will have arrived by then so I can play with it.
Went to the The Bar at the Peninsula Hotel last night: very handsome, very cozy. If I still have my Chicago & Rush apartment when I come back from HK, I'm going to make that where everybody knows my name.
Good news: I may have an apartment in HK with Stephanie, a girl from the GSB.
Bad news: I still don't officially have an apartment and I leave in 2 days.

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