Monday, January 26, 2009

Departure Anxiety

Tying up loose ends before leaving this Fri crack-of-dawn. I still need to apply for my class credits to transfer, pack my bags, move the rest of my stuff into storage, and FIND AN APT I HONG KONG. What?? This process is so slow and scary and because it is the Chinese New Year NO ONE is answering their emails. Beware all who travel to China in the end of January - New Year's is a week-long hoopla and although some professionals will tell you they will accessible, THEY WILL NOT.
Also anxious because the camera I ordered so I can post HK pics may not arrive before I leave. As if I needed another thing to worry about.
Good news is I am doing a focus group today for $100 (2 hours, in my hood), so that is nice. That should cover the cost of my boxes to move out of this apt.

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