Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mile-high club

I love Cathay Pacific so much I want to take it behind the high school gym and get it pregnant.
• The stewardesses are nice and smiling,
• I have the equivalent of business class legroom in coach,
• the plane is totally empty so I have ALL THREE SEATS (I may not even need Ambien to sleep!, see pic),
• I got very salty peanuts instead of cardboard pretzels (who would serve pretzels without peanut butter??),
• I got a pouch with a toothbrush and socks,
• there is a cupholder in the seat in front of me,
• there is a POWER OUTLET(!!!!) in the seat in front of me for my computer,
• and I can watch 30 Rock and Ab Fab.
My tv remote also doubles as a video game handset, but that is less exciting.
The annoying bits: there is no pouch in the seat in front of me, just these straps to hold the emergency procedure pamphlet in (see pic), so I cannot accumulate my trash in there. Also, the woman across the aisle from me keeps eyeing my empty seats – she better not ask me for one, because she looks like my Asian aunts and I’ll have to say yes.
I did just read an article in People about the crash landing in the Hudson, which was a bad travel choice. Now I’m suddenly a little petrified of flying.

Also watched Mama Mia, my new favorite song is ABBA’s Winner Takes All.

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  1. Haaaa 30 Rock references always get me. I can't believe you're in HK now. I have to plan my trip over to visit you. Please tell me you've seen season 3 so far. it's brilliant.