Saturday, January 31, 2009

At home in HK

I am arrived!!! And I'm living in Times Square, I think. I actually lugged my bags on the train all the way from the airport (mostly because the train signs were easier to find than the taxi signs).
My apt is a little frightening, although I'm living with Stephanie, another classmate, so that's some reassurance. The apt itself is fine (pics attached), although the floor of the shower is just a cement block that doesn't touch the walls so the water can drain off the sides. I don't want to think what might be coming the other direction, I'm going to pretend those gaping holes don't exist. My bedroom is quite fine and clean-seeming, although the bed is a size I have never seen. It's somewhere between a twin and a full - a fwin? a twull?
The apt itself is in one of the busiest areas of Hong Kong (with tons of cheap shoe stores, which means I'm in trouble), but we are off on this side street that is dark and grimy. And the entrance to our building is just an open door way, no door, that leads to a flight of dirty, dusty cement steps. You go up until you can't breathe anymore and there is our door - the only thing between me and a potential insane murderer is a thin wooden door with a flimsy push lock.

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