Sunday, January 24, 2010


I need a vacation. I finally got my pics uploaded to my computer and was flipping through the ones from Emma's b-day in Jamaica. I missed my flight and lost a day, it rained all weekend and
I was somewhat depressed, and yet it was still relaxing and beautiful. I miss the johnny cakes and ackee, falling asleep on beach chairs, and staying up all night on our villa porch drinking pineapple Ting and rum. (Ok, who am I kidding - I never made it all night. But others did.) I even overcame my fear of deep water and snorkeled for a few minutes (it took so long for me to work up the courage that's all I had time for - and really the only reason I finally dove in was because I was being so annoyingly harassed by the teenage boat driver).

These past 2 weeks have been completely out of control. What was already a 10-hour-a-day (minimum) job turned into 14 hours. And I mean a straight 14 hours. 15-min lunch breaks, no time to even think about snacks, no time for cereal the morning I slept through my alarm... craziness. Thurs morning at 6am, as I was driving to work, I actually considered how relieving it would be if I got into a car accident and just missed this whole deadline - and came back to a completed project. The lack of food was clearly starting to get to me. The strange thing is, for the first time, I'm in a job that appreciates it. I don't think I've ever been thanked or complimented as much as this past week. It's almost embarrassing.

But the point is - I need a vacation. So Dena, if you're reading this, you better come through on your promise to have your 30th in Jamaica. Treasure BEACH!

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