Sunday, January 24, 2010

Team Glock

A few weeks ago - before the unbearable frost but after the pleasantly mild Southern fall - I went to the driving range with Tom & Ryan. First we had to restock our ammo, so we took a stroll through downtown Rogers to get to the gun store.
I did a little window shopping on the way...

The gun store - no surprise - was about as crazy conservative as you can imagine. Someone tried to sell me a handheld that would "fit into your evening bag." I tried to explain to this there was no need for a handheld in this town - or an evening bag.

We finally got to the freezing cold range in Hobbs State Park (a 15-minute drive away during which we ate fried chicken from the grocery store from a paper bag - bc you might as well act the part) about an hour before sundown. I didn't start shooting until 15 minutes in, when we finally figured out why I couldn't hit anywhere near the target. Apparently you need to close your left eye in order to see through the hole with the lines; but I can only close my right eye or both eyes - no solo left eye action. So I came up with a brilliant plan - use one glove to cover my left eye.
The problem with this plan was that my hand started to ice over in the cold and after about 10 minutes of shooting at a 60s-looking man line-drawn onto a paper target I was too bored and cold to continue. So I went and read in the car until Tom & Ryan managed to hit their quarters a few times and called it quits. Turns out I'm not going to become a champion shooter. More time to devote to my golf career, I guess.

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  1. I am FURIOUS that I missed this. Furious that I missed the fried chicken, the gun shop, and VDC: the one-eyed-mitten-covered bandit.