Saturday, January 2, 2010


At this point I think I've told everyone I know about my trip to Tulsa, but as I've found this picture of our night I figured I needed to post a recap.
First stop on Valerie's Tour of the South was Tulsa, OK - 1.5hrs from Bentonville. We decided to drive up Sat afternoon, do some shopping, go out "big city style," sleep over, watch our friend run her half marathon Sun morning, have a delicious foodie brunch, do some walking around the town, then return Sun afternoon/evening.
We started strong - leaving B'ville late but still managing to hit a boutique and Saks before the stores closed at SIX PM. Saks was only a few square feet larger than the boutique, which was disappointing and yet still a breath of fresh fashion for us AR girls - I ended up with fabulous booties.
Afterwards we met up with our marathon-running friend and her husband for pasta dinner. We were enjoying ourselves there until we found out liquor stores closed at NINE PM, at which point we had to throw back our drinks and run out to purchase pre-bar bottles. Since we're amazing we managed to find a liquor store in 10 minutes and then spent some quality girl time getting ready in our hotel and shooting vodka. All afternoon we had been asking around for the best clubs in the city, and everyone seemed to agree that Pink would be a good place for the four of us to go - which ended up meaning everyone thought we were lesbians. Because Pink was definitely a lesbian bar - or at least overtly lesbian-friendly. I was the perceptive one who realized this when, shortly after our arrival, one girl got down on her knees on the dance floor and mimicked giving head to her female dance partner. (Her dance partner trumped that by whipping her breast out of her tank top and letting the first girl lick her nipple.)
It turns out that lesbian clubs are full of guys and FUN. So fun that we slept through our friend's marathon the next morning and only just dragged ourselves to the restaurant for our brunch reservations with her. While the rest of my friends regaled her with photos and videos of our fun night, I went back and forth between the table and the bathroom vomiting up everything I put into my mouth - including water. Needless to say, our Sunday plans were shot and we got directly into the car and drove back to AR - I slept the whole way.
Not that I'm coming from a place of extensive knowledge, but the city seemed kind of lame. There was never anybody around no matter where we were driving or at what hour. The streets were empty and there didn't seem to be much of a downtown area anywhere. The club was really the only place we saw any kind of crowd the entire weekend. The search for southern cool thus continues...

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