Monday, January 25, 2010

Just enough cooks in the kitchen

Last weekend I had my first dinner party chez moi. Actually, it was chez moi but really it was hosted by the fab four: Kat, Ashley, Kristy and myself. Kristy brought chocolate-dipped strawberries topped with nuts and coconut AND soaked in rum. Ashley and Kat and I "cooked," aka arranged various Italian ingredients onto serving platters.

Regardless, it was quite a success. Aside from my cat, who spent most of the night hiding under chairs and trying to keep her sleepy eyes open to guard the apt against the invaders, everyone seemed to have a good time.

This is part of my grand plan to become a fabulous chef during my time here. (In addition to a golf pro, a karate black belt... I've got a lot of weekend hours to kill.) Maybe next party we'll actually put something in the oven - besides pre-mixed bruschetta.

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