Monday, January 4, 2010

Regrets was a terrible, terrible idea. I have yet to pay any money or view a finalized profile, yet I received two "winks" today. Knowing all the options in my area from last night's browsing (more like rubber-necking), I am terrified. So as soon as I finish checking which trolls winked at me, I'm off.

Meanwhile, my co-worker/friend has taken to endlessly teasing me about dipping a toe into the on-line dating swamp. Then while he's driving me home he lets drop that he is going to Fayetteville this weekend to meet someone... THAT HE MET IN A CHAT ROOM. It gets worse: it's an FJ Cruiser chat room (that's the car he just bought - it's like a Japanese Hummer). So apparently there are chat groups for car interest groups, and now he is going to meet someone who has suspension that is apparently fascinating. This is after he spent last weekend changing his tires from normal ones to all-black ones that look like he just drove through the ghetto and got his rims robbed.

Something must be going wrong in my life if he is making fun of me.

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  1. I hope that your future husband is one of the men who winked at you so that one day when your grandchildren unearth the digital record of this blog in the interwebs archive you will have to explain why you called him "troll".