Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The bass make you wind your waist"

Friday evening Teresa and I made recession-special plans: drinks and free appetizers (exactly 2 apps each - as in 2 tiny pieces of food each) at Province and a free movie at the Chicago Cultural Center.

The movie was Dub Echoes, a documentary about Dub music, it's history and it's influence, by Bruno Natal. It was pretty interesting and it asked an interesting question: what is it about that tiny island (Jamaica) that created all this incredible music? Unfortunately the film didn't really answer the question, unless the weed smoking in every frame was an implicit answer, but it was otherwise informative and entertaining.

The documentary was a little jumbled and didn't have the clearest storyline, but I feel like organization was well-sacrificed for some of the gems that were included. I'm totally unknowledgeable about this - of course I'll spout my opinion anyway - but I feel like more experienced documentarians will cut out a lot of color in order to keep the story/thesis flowing. This movie was definitely jumbled, but it allowed us to hear a lot of the anecdotes and jokes the people interviewed told, and it was these snippets that in the end made us enjoy ourselves.

I have to interject that Teresa is so good at hearing about these things and keeping on top of a huge range of events and places in the city. Seriously impressive and we've vowed to actually take advantage of these things more in the next 8 weeks.

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