Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eating on Lamma Island

On of my last days in HK I went to Lamma Island with a bunch of the exchangers (I went again with David after he arrived). Apparently HK is made up of over 200 islands, mostly incredibly small. Lamma Island takes just over an hour to walk across the long way (there is a paved mountain trail that some Chinese treat as the hardest core hike ever, I definitely saw Camelpacks, or whatever those backpacks with water feeding tubes are called).

On each end of the path there is a beach as well as a row of restaurants that serve seafood caught off the island. There are fishermen and little fishfarms all around the island (except where the beaches and the power station are - the power station provides the majority of HK's power!).

So really both times the reason I went there was to eat lunch, since it wasn't warm enough to go to the beach. The fried calamari was the biggest calamari I had ever seen, and DELICIOUS. There's also this tiny store on one end of the path where they sold Obama earrings, which obvi I had to buy. They also had Beckham and Posh Spice and Paris earrings, and the saleslady laughed at me the second time I came because I was in Lamma island twice in one week.

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