Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simian Mobile Disco

Went to a SMD show on Friday at Metro - which is a bizarrely small theater-looking venue with a basement club. We only stayed for the live dj set, we couldn't make it to the spinning they were doing at the club downstairs - that's how old David, Teresa and I are. (We would have looked ridiculous dancing all night with the youngsters!)

I had never seen the set-up SMD had (which is only partially invisible in this terrible bberry photo). They had one guy who spent almost the whole time on a turntable while the other guy constantly climbed around turning knobs and flipping switches. Meanwhile they had an insane light show going that they had put up signs warning drug users in the club about. The lights were not insane in a high-tech way, but in a speed of blinking and contrast of bright-to-dark way. I wasn't even on drugs and I thought I was going to have an attack of sorts.

They were pretty amazing, though, even an old foagie like me could tell.

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