Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing comes for free

I am getting tired of places that tout free wi-fi and then don't deliver. I am at Noble Tree on Clark because the front door and the website advertised free internet. And yes, it is free, but only by logging in through some partner called WEBbeams and only for an hour and a half using the code on the card given to you when you purchase food.

And to make me even madder they don't ask if you want this code when you come in, so you trek all the way up to the third floor to find a quiet spot, realize you need a code and have to come trekking all the way back down again - then climb back up. (Thankfully for the relatively innocent woman working downstairs, David magnanimously volunteered to go get the codes.)

When the hell are we going to get free internet everywhere? What's the point of wi-fi when I'm tied down by a code and location-specific access? I might as well have to carry a cable around with me. In Hong Kong at least all university students got free wi-fi in most locations through PCCW (you just logged in with your student ID, it was incredible). I feel like it's obvious we're moving towards a time when wi-fi is given and free everywhere, so why can't we just move it along??

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