Monday, April 27, 2009

Pants off dance off

This weekend in NYC was beautiful. All sun, almost too hot on Sunday, and now I'm back in Chicago and it's pouring.

Between seeing friends and rereading all my fave Asterixes and Tintins, I spent Friday being Korean with my parents. We stopped by the Met for its Korean Renaissance exhibit which was all of one room. Since we had scheduled 2 hours for the exhibit we ended up wandering around aimlessly the rest of the time. We bumped into this poster in the modern section that advertises a country club in my old Hyde Park neighborhood - oh how times have changed!

As we were leaving we walked through the ancient Greek section and I saw something I've never seen before - these tiny little gold-plated sculptures, maybe 1.5 inches in height, with caricatured faces (think Daumier sketches) to make them look like comedians, and fancy dress - from the waist up. From the waist down they just had chubby legs and dingles. Eek!

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