Thursday, April 2, 2009

Living in the USA

I am finally somewhat settled in to Chicago. I have survived two days at school of hug-filled reunions and the question: "So how was France?!" For some reason everyone just assumes that I went there. Which is fine, Paris would have been fun too.

I never really felt like I was missing any food in particular in HK (except for the "Cantonese" fried noodles I thought I was going to eat everyday there but which are apparently an Ollie's Restaurant creation), but it turns out the littlest things have excited me. Both days at school I was abnormally excited to eat first oatmeal, then cereal for breakfast. I can't believe I didn't eat either of those things for 2 months.

Going to the supermarket is also exciting - I just spent this morning at Aldi's with Jian, being housewives. He had his gf's pictorial shopping list on his bberry and we pushed our carts down the aisles, gossiping and trading recipes (not really - Jian gave me recipes). Aldi's was as successful as always - we spent about $100 each and filled up the trunk and backseat of David's car. It was also exhausting - Jian and I are going to schedule a mani-pedi spa trip to reward ourselves.

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