Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not enough to make me a vegetarian

My last few days in HK I spent just walking around, to show David the city and also to hit areas I hadn't yet visited. I realized the city was a lot more Chinese than I had thought (how surprising that all that time spent in LKF didn't give me that impression), and there are these wet markets all over. There's a well-known one on Graham St smack in the middle of Soho, so when we walked through that area David and I went from seeing curly cow gizzards hanging outside shops to having an afternoon glass of wine with a French cheese plate.

The best market was actually just a few blocks from my house, just south of Times Square. It had fresh noodle shops, where they stretch dough into noodles and sell fried patties of them, nut stands, herb stands, fruit stands, meat shops - everything.

The craziest thing, though, were the fish. They cut the heads off and fillet them but somehow keep them alive by not cutting the heart in half. So the fish fillets are lying on the table, bathed in running blood because their hearts are still beating. You can SEE THEM BEATING. I wish I had taken video footage, but we felt like the salespeople were eyeing us suspiciously and even taking quick photos felt slightly inappropriate.

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