Thursday, April 9, 2009

Careful the children snatchers

I just had one of those moments when strangers become friends because of a shared concern. On the bus home to Linda's the driver made this announcement as the bus was crossing from Michigan to N Lake Shore: "Keep your belongings close to you! That means your bags, your wallets, your purses, your children and your valuables. You are responsible for your belongings. Thank you!"

Apparently a passenger had just gone up to the driver because someone had taken her wallet from her purse on the bus! Suddenly everyone who had previously had the I'm-in-public-in-the-city attitude, looking pointedly away from each other and staring blankly out the window broke their crust and started chatting away. One woman couldn't believe that the victim hadn't felt anything as the man went through her purse. Another woman had apparently noticed this man finagle it so he sat next to the victim. Another woman had a daughter that this had just happened to - $400 dollars in cash!

It's funny how once the ice was broken people were SO chatty, like they had been dying to let loose for a while. Someone yelled up to the bus driver to ask why she had included children in her list of belongings and she answered: "If they're going to take a wallet, there's nothing that'll stop them from taking a child." Hmm....

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