Friday, June 26, 2009

All in a name

To get the portion of my stuff from Chicago to AR I rented a 16-foot truck. My stuff wouldn't even have filled up a 10-footer, but because both my parents insisted on doing the 11-hour ride with me, we needed a truck that seated 3. So we laid all my boxes and my mattress in one flat layer along the bottom of the truck - ridiculous.

The right side mirror of my truck was taped up when I received it, but I was told that the mirror worked fine. Unfortunately, as soon as we started off on the highway the wind snapped the mirror right out of place. When my father tried to fix it it would just snap right back out of place immediately.

So for the 11-hours everytime I needed to exit or merge to the right my father would have to lean halfway out the passenger window to check if the coast was clear. As if squashing the 3 of us in there for that long wasn't complicated enough.

Even though this situation was totally dangerous and I believe illegal in some way, Budget wouldn't do more than a pidly 10% discount on my reservation, which really only means they took off all their additional costs for a second driver, insurance, etc.

I should have known that when you rent from a company named "Budget" you get exactly that.

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