Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movin' on... ?

I am now officially a resident of Arkansas, the "natural state." Yesterday I surrendered my NY license in exchange for a rainbow-colored (don't be confused, it doesn't stand for gay rights) Arkansas license. I would have cried except I was saving all my tears for my traumatic car buying experience which I will get into in another entry - I need some distance first to calm down (and to give me time to post multiple scalding reviews about Toyota of Northwest Arkansas, the first dealer I visited).

Yesterday I also ended up buying a silver Corolla LE (painlessly at Toyota of Fayetteville), so now I own a car and am truly a suburbanite.

Today I finally finished moving everything in and my mother is now putting the last touches on all my curtains, coverings, etc. This has been quite the process - this is day three of 18-hour days of working on this little one-bedroom. I'm not quite sure what we've been doing all this time, but we have been very busy and it's only just starting to look like it.

I have also started to receive mail at my new address, including a LifeWay Christian Stores coupon book (featuring a Veggitales "Heroes of the Bible!" DVD and everyone's favorite "American Patriot's Bible") and a Ruby Tuesday's buy-1-get-1-free coupon for any two entrees through July 30th - I am so there.

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