Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye Chicago

The last two years have been a mix of wonderful, good, fine and pretty crappy, but now that I've left Chicago for good there are some things I will miss about the city.

I will miss Avec - desperately.

I will miss Coast/South Coast, and the fabulous byob concept as a whole.

I will miss the hydrants that get completely inundated in snow but yet you still get a ticket when parked in front of them.

I will miss the obsessive amount of working out Chicagoans do.

I will miss the "nightlife."

I will miss the random and amazing public art all over the city.

I will NOT miss the snow and the totally careless way Chicago does NOT remove it (at least in Hyde Park).

I will miss how Chicagoans freak out and leave their houses in naked droves when the weather finally reaches 70. (Beware you don't get run over at 80 degrees.)

I will miss the interesting Chicago sense of style.

I will miss the funny assortment of lovely architecture.

I will miss the amount of outdoor space a city with such bad weather still insists on upkeeping for the 2 months it can use it.

I will of course miss my school and the people that I have seen day after day for the last two years (some of whom it is strange to think I will never see again).

And most of all I will miss my Chicago family.

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