Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A busy weekend

It's been a busy past couple of days. I relaxed my hair MYSELF for the first time, took my parents around a very rainy Chicago, bought almost everything I need for my new apartment, rented a moving van, and graduated.

Graduation was a bit of a let down - I guess it always kind of is, the ceremony ends up being so much shorter than all the build-up and then you're just left feeling a little bit disappointed. I am also so much older now than at my last graduation, so I did so much less partying and celebrating around the school-organized events that it just didn't seem to be as much of a moment. And by much less partying I mean none at all.

I remember the last day in Boston after college graduation we all spent the evening in Daedalus, dejectedly discussing how we might never see each other again. The next morning we all moved and that very night were in a NY bar, talking about how funny it was that we forgot we were all going to the same place! Unfortunately, this time I really am going off on my own and will not see many of these people for a really long time - and I still didn't go through the send-off circus.

On a happier note, my hair relaxing seems to have turned out very nicely, although I did it so skill-lessly that I was sure that all my hair was going to fall off (and this was the morning of graduation, so I was panicked). I used phytorelaxer, which I bought on-line from Sephora, and although I was not able to "smooth" it through as instructed (perhaps because I clotted it on wily-nily), my hair seems straight. The real test of course will be when I wash it tonight/tomorrow morning - that will also be the blessed moment when my hair stops stinking of chemicals, I'm looking forward to it.

My advice to anyone graduating or auto-relaxing their hair - do not do it alone, you need the moral support when you realize you're moving to the middle of nowhere/think your hair is falling out. And you need someone to rub neosporin on the chemical burns on your forehead as you rinse the lye out of your hair

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