Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday stupor

Because I do not know anyone/anything here yet, do not feel like going to the pool today, and do not go to church, I am left with nothing to do this Sunday.

I have already ironed all my button-down shirts in preparation for the next 3 weeks of work; gone on a 10-mile bike ride (pleasant in theory and beautiful at some moments, but generally traumatic due to rustling underbrush and enormous mole rat/possum roadkill); eaten eggs, salad and an ice cream sandwich, and it is only 2pm.

I now have nothing left to do except, as I have done the last 2 days, work out AGAIN in the same day. I would happily stay home and veg in front of the tv, but AT&T is my future cable and internet provider and they are apparently just as bad at providing those services as they were at providing cell phone service when I lived in Brooklyn (where I did not get reception ANYWHERE in my enormous apt).

I called at the beginning of the week to schedule a set-up appointment, thinking I would need to rush to the store to buy my new tv in time for the appointment, but found out the soonest they could come was July 11th. So until then I am without television and without the Netflix stream option because the internet signal from next door is too unstable to support it.

Of course I tried to persuade the woman on the phone that this kind of waiting time was absolutely egregious and I couldn't believe they had this many people to hook up and she actually tried to respond: "well ma'am, they don't just service your apartment community, they are responsible for the entire town of Rogers." WHICH HAS 58,000 PEOPLE. I thought Cablevision and Time Warner were horrible, but even in a town of 10 million I got faster hook up service than 3 weeks. (Incidentally, the entire state of AR has just over 3 million people.)

Instead I have to go to the gym to watch tv, which is a gamble because if other people are already there, my empirical evidence (culled over the last 2 days) predicts that they will be watching something I don't like.

So I'm thinking next Sunday I may try church.

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