Monday, June 8, 2009

Four eyes

I have glasses! This is an unfortunate picture, in which I look-a-like-a-man, but there is a nice sunset starting in the background. It is so amazing to put glasses on when you desperately need them but haven't worn them in a long long time - the world comes into focus!

Turns out I should have gotten new glasses a long time ago, or at least 2 years ago when I moved to Chicago and starting getting behind the wheel. I am nearsighted so I can't see far, although "far" to me is only about 10 feet (pulled that number out of the air) since I have 20-80 vision, which is a FOURTH of the vision of a normal person. When David's father (my new optometrist extraordinaire) saw what my prescription was he told me I should not be putting people's lives in danger by driving sans spectacles.

Which I will never do now that I have fab black-and-tortoiseshell ones.

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