Friday, June 26, 2009

Beware Toyota of Northwest Arkansas...

( if tons of people are on their way there to buy cars anyway.)

Buying my car turned out to be like haggling over cheap clothes in Shenzen (China), except the car salesmen at this dealership were lying cheats on top of it all. After three visits over three days to this dealership, during which I had been very polite and well-prepared, we finally came to a satisfactory price on one of the 2 cars I was considering. My salesperson had written the price (given to him by his secret "finance guys" in the office) on a piece of paper, which I signed and then we shook hands. He told me to go pick out my color while he had the agreed-upon number and financing typed up properly.

But when I come back the number on the paper was suddenly $1,000 more than on my signed sheet. His explanation is "there seems to have been a mix-up and my managers thought this was the price for the Yaris while you and I thought it was for the Corolla." Blatant lie - there is no way you can mix up the price of the Yaris and Corolla since they start a full $3,000 apart.

So after hours and days wasted at Toyota of Northwest Arkansas I had to walk out and frustratedly cry in my rental car on the way back home. I decided I couldn't take the stress of the process anymore so I called Toyota of Fayetteville and offered them $500 more than I had bargained NWA down to if they agreed not to haggle with me. They did, so now I am the owner of a silver 2010 Corolla LE.

I hope never to have to buy a car again. The process was traumatic, I don't even want a car (unfortunately I have no choice), and it was retardedly expensive. I would much rather trade it for a couple of handbags or heels.

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