Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hogs n Heifers in... Wan Chai?

Yes, apparently British and American drunken debauchery has reached HK. I don't mean normal drunkenness that sends you home with a stranger, but crazy college drunkenness that makes you think you look good dancing on the bar and convinces you to TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF while doing so. Unfortunately for the men, only guys thought they looked better with their shirt off on the bar (they didn't).

So we went to Carnegie's in Wan Chai for St. Patty's Day - apparently it's a chain? What brought us there was the Tuesday night $10 HKD vodka drinks - genius. What kept us there was the terrible Top 40 mix, the So You Can't Dance bar-top patrons and the MALE STRIPPER some table had hired to come to their table. He didn't go further than thong, but that was freaking funny enough at a packed bar. I'm not ashamed to admit I want to go back - thank you Mark the English.

PS: Does it say something that Mark called me "the most Sex and the City/New York person he's ever met - no offense" and I took it as a glowing compliment?

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  1. Does Carnegies still have the $10HKD Corona nights on Thursdays? Those were a blast. And I've heard that one of my favorite bars, The Kangaroo Bar, which is across the street from Carnegie's is closed? They used to have these delicious Long Islands in a fishbowl for $120HKD. Best deal in HK I think...