Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Series Guilin at night

After our first day of biking we were exhausted but forced ourselves to wander around the town. As with the caves, various sites and natural objects were lit in disco lights. Most famous are the sun and moon pagodas in Banyan Lake, which are much smaller than they look in photos but no less interesting. The edge of the lake is lit all the way around, and there are lots of strollers and couples walking around.

Off one side was the night market, which wasn't anything special but did have stands selling pickled vegetables and tofu, a local specialty. They were so much like kimchi I ate 2 containers even though we had just stuffed our faces with cheesecake and tiramisu at Gourmets Coffee Cafe (we needed it after all that biking an stair-climbing). The best were definitely the spicy mustard greens, the worst were definitely the marinated twigs that Gloria bought.

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