Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo Series Shanghai Bund

So Shanghai has a long and important history of European involvement since it was the busiest port city in Asia in the 1800s (before it became the headquarters of the Gang of Four and its growth was stunted by Communism - that's right, I said that).

There was a French area, a British area, and a German area, remnants of which remain in the architecture, especially along the Bund, which is the river that cuts the city in half. (Well, now it cuts the city in half since they built the Pudong area to the east of the city into a concrete jungle - it was farmland not even 10 years ago.)

We strolled around the area for a while and crossed over to the Pudong side through the Bund Tourist Tunnel, which is a bizarro light show train ride that sounds retarded but is actually fun. (And fully worth it at 50 RMB return.) I admit, I might even have to ride it again before leaving!

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