Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Series Bangkok Food

The great thing about food in Bangkok is that it is usually a dollar per meal. And they are willing to put a fried egg on top of anything - rice, curry, noodles, whatever. Also there is the vinegar/red and green peppers hot sauce everywhere, my favorite!

However, because of how people make money there, do not under any circumstances follow suggestions/recommendations given to you by people who say they know the owner or can get you a discount or (if they're cab drivers) will take you there and wait for you to take you to your next destination. Those are always terrible tourist traps and are over-priced (meaning $10) and they're just trying to get a cut. Ugh, not even at meals can you escape it.

There were also these fresh-squeezed juices available everywhere, mostly dragon fruit and clementines - I'm not even a big fruit fan but these tasted like they were made of straight candy, and in the heat it was like the best thing we had ever eaten. I wish I had brought boxes of this stuff back.

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