Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Series Taiwanese street fair

It turns out I LOVE Taiwanese food, so good thing this fair was randomly going on in a sidestreet of East Nanjing Road. I had sticky rice topped with Chinese mushrooms and covered in pickled cucumbers, fresh cilantro and delicious sauce; fried softshell crab (to be fair, they weren't that soft-shelled, but they fried them so deeply it didn't matter anyway); red bean and peanut butter fish-shaped cake (I thought that was Korean, but apparently its "regional"); mai fun (I thought that was Singaporean, but again, "regional"); stinky tofu (first bite: tasty, second bite: suspicious, third bite: revolting); and jackfruit (not how I remember it from Jamaica) among other things.

The Chinese also apparently love Taiwanese food, so the street was a mess of thrown elbows and line-cutting. If there are words for "line" or "get behind" or "order" in Chinese, they certainly are not paid any regard.

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