Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Dance

Just returned from Malaysia - 7 hours in KL (enough for me in the oppressive humidity) and two and a half days at the Sheraton Langkawi. I'm not normally a resort-lover, but after 2 months showering without looking down for fear of what I might see, and peeing sideways because the front of my toilet is too close to the wall, I was in for some pampered relaxation. And it was pampering. Pics to follow shortly.

Arriving back to my apt in HK last night was even more of a shock to the finer senses, though, and now I'm a little ashamed to admit that I am so ready to get out of here and go back to Chicago. I only have about 15 hours to go before my flight, and I seriously could do with less.

For my last night in HK I landed at 9:30 and was out by 11:30 in LKF. The Rugby Sevens started yesterday so it was a MADHOUSE. Far worse than I've ever seen it: police barricades, paddy wagons, fat drunken Brits with incredibly unattractive costumes (think little girls' plastic swim skirts and mardi gras beads), and beer-mixed-with-drizzle-mixed-with-vomit all over the main streets. Luckily I left the proletariat on the streets and stayed indoors the entire evening, first at Finds in the LKF hotel, then Solas (starting to change my mind about that place - not fun), then Pi (my opinion is cemented, this place has the best music in LKF). Thought about going out after that, but luckily David made the intelligent call to go home and we left at a civilized 3am.

Now it's packing, retrieving my Shenzhen tailoring and David's bespoke suits, eating my final egg custard, and goodbye Hong Kong.

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