Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Series Shanghai eating tour

That's basically what we were on yesterday, our first day in Shanghai - an eating tour. We walked from Chris's apartment near People's Park to the Bund and back (proper sightseeing pictures to follow), eating most of the way - it took us over 6 hours (the walk is actually about 1 hour).

The day started with soupy bao (dumplings) on Chris's corner - fried is definitely better, I've never had them fried before - and veg noodle soup with fried gluten, "old ear" mushrooms
and tofu. Halfway down our first block after breakfast we stumbled upon the first of many scallion pancake stands (in a wet market) and bought a bag for the road. We also bought these round, flat breads with hard sugar in the middle there - delicious.

Along the Bund I bought corn on the cob - awful, they let it boil for hours - when I should have bought the squid on a stick. Live and learn.

On our way back along East Nanjing Road we stopped for Chinese sausage-filled puffed pastry, passed a mochi store (!!), ate some bizarre thing I couldn't identify, then stopped for Taiwanese street fair dinner (to many pics, that's in the next post). After salty peanuts with a side of wine and mango mojitos at Barbarrossa (my new favorite place in Shanghai for drinks, the cutest little floating house in People's Park) we finished off the day with late-night pretty crab dumplings at this fancy mall a few blocks away.

Even the Wrigley's gum is more interesting here - it's packaged in pill bottles! I bet it tastes better too, but I had to leave something to try tomorrow.

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