Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Series Guilin Reed Flute Cave

Since there are fuzzy mountains all over this area, there are also many caves with stalactite/stalagmite. They light them incredibly well, with tasteful-as-possible disco lights - lighting seems to be a theme there, more on that when I get to the Yangshuo light show. Reed Flute Cave is the only one in Guilin, and it was quite amazing, although had we known we might have skipped it in favor of the ones outside of Yangshuo. Apparently those are bigger and have mud pools and clear pools that you can swim in.

This was entertaining, though, because there are formations in the cave that have been "identified" and named and the guide refers to them completely dead-pan when in fact they are hysterically random. So there was the mosquito net, the vegetable patch (he identified each melon and lettuce), the old man, the lion saying goodbye to the visitors, etc.

I bought two reed flutes for Ava and Spencer, but after hearing the annoying kid on our tour play with his the whole time I might decide not to pass them on.

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