Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kentucky Fried China

I finally caved and ate at KFC, my favorite American fast food chain. Gloria and I left class Monday evening with our suitcases, took the KCR East Rail Line to Shenzen, walked across the border (at this point we are recognizing the customs agents!), and took bus K568 to the Shenzen airport, where we were departing for Shanghai. Apparently Shenzen is the source of all reasonably-priced tickets to mainland China for penny-pinching HK residents - just budget at least 2 hours for the complete trip to the airport.

At the airport our options were Chinese fast food or KFC and having extreme-biked and overnight-trained with Gloria last week I finally felt comfortable enough in our friendship to admit that I desperately wanted fat-injected fried "c."

I ordered a Zinger, which was delicious, just as expected. What was not expected were the sides: there is no mac & cheese (many Asians are lactose intolerant), there are no potato wedges and the mashed potatos come in a container the size of a baby food jar. Instead they offer a corn nibblet/carrot mix and egg drop soup. They also sell egg custard, but I passed on that in order to stock up on individually-packaged sesame-covered mochi at the candy stand downstairs.

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