Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The nicest guy in Shanghai

Meet Chris - the nicest guy in Shanghai. Also the coolest/flyest/you get the idea. Not only is he letting me stay with him for a week, but he is also letting THREE of my friends stay with him and even pretending that he likes it.

This is a picture of us at Barbarrossa, my first favorite place in Shanghai. It is a little house in a little pond in People's Park and is a bar/lounge with GREAT hip hop. It was my favorite place in Shanghai until we went out last night and I found two even more fabulous places, although I didn't think it was possible.

We started out at Tairyo Teppanyaki, an incredible invention of a chain restaurant. For 150 RMB (around $20US) we had our own room with our own Benihana-like chef and unlimited food and sake and beer. Unbelievably, I know.

After getting wasted beyond consciousness (at least for me) we went to a grimy hip hop dance spot (Windows, near the Jing'an Temple)with 15 RMB drinks (unheard of), great music and a crowd that never stopped dancing. It was fabulous, from what I remember. I have vague memories of our group taking over the stage, of Akil wearing a chef's hat and of me falling down the stairs as we left. My knee really hurts.

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