Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another night...

...another bar.
This time, Felix Bar at the Peninsula Hotel. This is supposedly the most fab hotel in Hong Kong, and it seems it. They have a fleet of Rolls Royces parked outside to take their clients places, they serve high tea in the lobby to the sound of live jazz piano, their shops include Harry Winston and Goyard, and the decor is seriously stunning. Not too opulent, just fabulous enough.
To get to Felix you take a special elevator from the lobby that has these dark wood walls that look like water ripples or the crazy roots of mangrove trees. Just as you are about to hit the 28th floor, the lights dim so that when the elevator opens to the bar the lighting inside it matches the bar's lighting. The walls of the bar are a white version of the elevator walls (see pic). Needless to mention: Philippe Starck. (Who, by the way, is French - I had no idea. And he designed the Cafe Costes in Paris, which was my favorite place the summer I was researching Let's Go: Paris - also no idea.)
The walls are floor-to-ceiling windows that look onto Hong Kong harbor (The Peninsula is on the Kowloon side of HK), and it's supposed to be one of the best views of HK, but there are these venetian blinds that cover the windows, so it's not actually the greatest view. But they do return your attention to the bar's design, instead of letting you get distracted by the view.
Apparently the men's bathroom is famous because the urinals are mounted on glass so you can see the view as you pee. Unclear as to why there is nothing special about the women's bathroom. I'm sure Phillipe could have thought of something.


  1. Also Phillipe Starck designed the oh so FAB Faena Hotel that we stayed at our last night in Buenos Aires! And I have heard about/seen this whole bathroom trickery before too, like at the Havana Club in NYC, where for the men it is like they are peeing over the NYC skyline, and women get totally shafted/boring/SO not ok!