Monday, February 9, 2009

This @$#*@# camera

I am so annoyed. I can't really do justice to what I did yesterday without my pics, and I just can't get my computer to recognize my camera. It's very strange, when I plug it in iPhoto opens, so some kin of connection is registering, but the camera does not pop up on the left and my pics do not start importing immediately as they should. I have restarted my computer and my cam, I have fiddled around with the camera, I have unplugged the USB cord a bazillion time - nothing. An I tried to manually export the photos from my camera but when it is plugged in it will not let me push any buttons or see any menus. Which makes me believe the problem is with my camera.

Anyway, this reminds me of something I noticed yesterday. I went to the gym at school during lunch and noticed some very strange behavior in the ladies' locker room. First, no one wears flip flops, which I consider to be a health hazard (not for me, since I do wear flip flops, but for them). Secondly, although they do not wear flip flops in the showers (which do not look amazingly clean) they do seem appropriately afraid to walk around the locker room barefoot. So they walk to the shower in their sneakers, then place a strip of paper towel in front of the shower so that when they get out they have a sort of carpet to protect their feet from the floor.
They also enter the shower fully dressed and come out of the shower fully dressed, and there is only one hook inside the shower, on the back of the door, so I can only assume they are quite damp.
Even before the gym and the shower, no one dresses in full view. Along one wall of the locker room there are stalls with benches and hooks in them so you can change behind a closed door. I can't believe I spent my whole being forced to get comfortable with my body in public when 20% of the world's population is just as embarrassed as I am to undress in front of total strangers (regardless of their gender). It's like I have found home.
Although one wonders if that is the real reason for the stalls, since there are also signs, all over the locker room, that warn: "NO photo-taking in the locker room!!" WHAT?! Who the hell was doing that? I desperately wanted to take a picture of that sign just to prove that it really does exist. But even if I had broken the rules, I wouldn't have been able to import the damn thing from my @#$%!@ camera.

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  1. Have you tried using a USB memory card reader? I'm sure it is pretty easy to find one of those over there.

    I can't believe you've been blogging this whole time and I knew nothing about it.