Saturday, February 14, 2009

My mother the dinasaur

My mother sent me an email from Nepal that I thought was too good to keep to myself. Jihan was right, she is a funny woman! Spelling and grammar errors aside, this is a bit like poetry!

Hi Val,

Here, there are elect. power only half of a day, noon to 8pm and 4am to 8am (mon-fri), 4-midnight (wekends). I work with Anil till 8pm,eat something at my room, and go to sleep at 8pm and wake up 4am. Can not even go out for dinner because whle neiborhood becomes completly dark at 8pm. also can not trust cooks preparing my food in a dark kitchen- how dirty it can be!
well, the weather is good thou. Patrick came with two french people this time. Yesterday early morning we went to the children home to pick up all the children and climbed up the swyambu- children were so happy to get my attention, they breaded my heair, and retied my scarf a doezen times, they tole me I have so many white hair, and guessed my age to to one hundred years old and on boy guessed one million years old. Well I am a dinasaur for them. The power ois goning out. will send . Make sense of this bad quick writing.


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