Thursday, February 12, 2009

West Coast Sh*t

Spent Tuesday holed up in my new favorite place, Pacific Coffee. I think this is Hong Kong's answer to Starbuck's. I only wish it were Hong Kong's answer to Caribou Coffee, aka free wi-fi. In fact, in a place that has crystal clear cellphone reception in moving subway trains, I find it more than a little disappointing that there isn't free wi-fi everywhere. Seriously? Everyone knows that's where the world is heading, so these places should just stop penny-pinching and offer it. Apparently as a university student in Hong Kong I do have almost omnipresent wi-fi through the PCCW University network, but I didn't know how to log in, and of course couldn't email anyone to find out.
Wi-fi aside, they did have free computer terminals that I could have used, and my cappucino was great. GREAT. The foam stood up on its own at least a millimeter above the rim of the mug.

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